Pulse plasma technology that is revolutionizing the water purification industry!


Molectron Pulsed Plasma Arc

  1. Provide a method of water purification which cost effectively treats organic chemicals and pathogens to levels that meets or exceeds regulatory standards.
  2. Cost effectively treat contaminants not possible with traditional treatment technologies.
  3. Reduces the dependence on hazardous chemicals to effect water treatment and eliminates the health/environmental effects of these chemicals in ‘purified water’.
  4. Significantly reduce waste sludge/streams which are a by-product of current treatment systems thus reducing costs and secondary/tertiary treatment.
  5. Significantly reduce labor, operating, support and capital costs as well as deployment through a portable and/or modular ‘scale to fit the application’ design approach.
  6. Allows for rapid deployment and startup during natural/man-made disaster areas or in remote areas where infrastructure doesn’t support installation and start-up.
  7. Act as a ‘plug and play’ add on to existing treatment systems to enhance treatment, reduce costs and improve efficiency of operations.
  8. Environmentally friendly, i.e., low energy requirements, enhanced water purity, lower VOC’s, no hazardous chemicals, small footprint, minimal waste sludge…

Comparison to other water treatment technologies

Comparison table