Pulse plasma technology that is revolutionizing the water purification industry!

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sebastien Goulet

Sebastien joined Molectron in 2013 as our Chief Executive Officer. Sebastien has over 16 years of global executive experience in the energy, ventilation, medical, fitness and connectors markets with leadership roles in P&L Management, Operations, Sales and Supply Chain. From public to private equity firms, Sebastien brings extensive experience in restructuring and growing companies to new levels of expertise and management. Sebastien was the VP & Director Global Operations at ITT where he led the operational restructuring of the company operations. As the Executive Vice President for Deutsch, he developed new industrial strategies, and implemented new cost savings initiatives through process improvements and sourcing strategies. Sebastien also worked with Nautilus, PerkinElmer, FlaktWoods and GE in various leadership positions. Sebastien holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a MS in Engineering Management and a MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Syracuse University.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President: Bruce Doyle PhD

Bruce joined Molectron in 2013 as COO and President. Bruce brings over 25 years of global experience guiding business transformation and business growth fueled by his passion for technology, developing people, and building sustaining relationships. He has a successful track record of matching technology to market needs and has helped various businesses – from GE to start ups – develop new products/systems, create new ventures, make acquisitions, divest non-strategic businesses, manage joint technology arrangements, transform their cultures and partner with companies in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Bruce experience held positions at GE, Ingersoll-Rand, Varian Associates (GM), Pulse Electronics, Cook Medical (K-Tube), Scientific Control Systems (SVP/COO), and at Impres (President / CEO). He holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and Virginia Tech, respectively. He earned his Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Transformation at the International University of Professional Studies.

Chief Manufacturing Officer (CMO): Marek Winiarz

Marek joined Molectron in 2013 as our Chief Manufacturing Officer. Marek brings 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and business process engineering with large Corporations and US Government institutions. Marek brings to Molectron operational skills through his Six Sigma and Lean expertise while also being very hands on with manufacturing products. His expertise has been recognized through the industry and through numerous publications by MIT, Wharton Business School, Society of American Engineers, Robotics World, Journal of Advertising Research and numerous other scientific symposia. Marek has a BS in Physics and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO): John Meyers

John joined Molectron in 2013 as our Chief Business Development Officer. John brings 31 years of experience in assessing opportunities, implementing plans and managing teams to support shared visions. His hands on approach, starting from bench chemist to senior board member of an international chemical company provided him invaluable and in-depth understanding of how to enhance and grow a business to exceed global customer needs. His experience with Avecia Inc (formerly Astra Zeneca and ICI America) through his international responsibility for process technology, manufacturing, operations, quality, supply chain, safety, and facilities management, is providing Molectron with the leadership and experience needed to put a strong foundation to our company. John earned a BS in Chemistry from Virginia Tech.

Chairman of the Board Member: Alexander Nawrocki PhD

Dr. Nawrocki is co-founder of Molectron and started the company in 2012. He brings more than 20 years of experience in technology leadership, management and industry experience in various markets through his years with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Dr. Nawrocki was a founding member of the Java-consortium, was an early investor in Proximetry, and co-owned Ameritage Technology Partner (Private Equity firm). Dr. Nawrocki holds a Bachelor of Science, with honors, in Electronic Engineering, a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering (“Summa Cum Laude”), and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Board Member: Christian Juvan PhD

Dr. Juvan co-founded Molectron and his vision in plasma technology created the foundation on which Molectron was built on. After working for two years at the University Institute in Vienna in nuclear physics, Dr Juvan immigrated to the United States in 1968 to focus his research in the field of electrical pulsed energy. He continued his research at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena in the early 70s. During that time he worked on the development of lasers, holography and optical computing. In 1990 Dr. Juvan received numerous patents in the area of pulsed plasma technology and shifted his focus to more entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the years, Dr. Juvan accumulated 6 patents with one for the plasma arc water purification systems.

Advisory Board Member: The honorable Milton Lohr

The honorable Milton Lohr has over 40 years of extensive experience as an R&D Engineer, Entrepreneur, business executive, and U.S. Government Official covering a broad range of high technology, defense and commercial systems. His experience includes starting new high technology companies with activities in corporate development, venture capital, and international partnering, and has serves on the Board of Directors of high technology, public and private corporations. Milton also served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for over four years where he was awarded a defense medal by the Secretary of Defense for his contribution, served as the first Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions in both the Regan and Bush administration with responsibilities to assist in overseeing DOD’s major Acquisition and Technology Programs, International Programs, and U.S. Arms Control Compliance activities. He also served as U.S. Acquisition Representative to the NATO Conference of National Armament Directors and the Four Power Group with oversight in U.S. armament cooperative programs and developing and establishing policy initiatives aimed at promoting cooperation on major weapon systems and technology among the NATO Allies. He also served in the private industry with experience with Ceradyne (Corporate Director), Flight Systems Inc (Executive Vice President), Defense Research Corporation (Founder and CEO), Titan, TRW. Milton earned a BE in Engineering from USC and an MS degree from UCLA.