Pulse plasma technology that is revolutionizing the water purification industry!


Molectron Pulsed Plasma Arc

  • Molectron’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly water purification pulse plasma reactor breaks down bacteria, pathogens, and organic chemicals into non-hazardous byproducts.
  • It functions by delivering a short high energy electrical discharge across two electrodes which provides simultaneous generation of UV radiation, shock wave and free radicals for decontamination, sterilization and purification of water.
  • The flexible modular portable design can be scaled to meet the needs; e.g. of large municipal water purification systems, medium ship board systems or smaller point of source systems.
  • Cost effective: minimal capital, infrastructure, maintenance, manning, operating cost, and energy requirements versus competitive technologies.
  • Self-contained, transportable and portable for add on or standalone operation.
  • Durable: capable of withstanding billions of cycles per year with minimal downtime and maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals or post treatment to achieve regulatory standards.